Le Galion

Former possession of the powerful family Dubuc, the sugar refinery Galion became the possession of a merchant of Saint-Pierre, Eugene Eustache who bought the debt of the former owners.

Around 1861, he decided to make a factory because the sugar plantations closed the ones after the other due to the foreign competition. The institution created is called "Usine le Galion". He bought the plantations nearby to supply sugar canes directly without having to buy. Gradually it has an area of ​​2300 hectares.

Galion got prosperous and the strong demand for sugar in the early 20th century allow him to make impressive profits. However, from the mid-20th century the factory is experienced major difficulties due to management problems, the sharp decline in demand, and the cost of production of sugar cane.

In 1984, the management of Le Galion is transferred to local authorities which inject money to cover its debts. Today le Galion belongs to an European investment fund (COFFEP) which the holding company La Martiniquaise is the owner of distilleries Dillon, Depaz, Negrita, etc. It is situated on the N1 between the cities of Robert et Trinité.

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