Volcano House / Maison du volcan

If you want to discover the history of Mount Pelee or simply view without climbing, go to the Maison des Volcans (Volcanoes house) in the town of Morne Rouge. This museum dedicated to the Pelee volcano was inaugurated in 1991 by volcanologists Maurice and Katia Krafft few weeks before their disappearance on the slopes of a Japanese volcano.

Volcano House, cult step from the center of Morne Rouge, heiress of volcanoes life presents particularly the ascent of Mount Pelée by video projection, much less tiring than in reality, and offering views sometimes ignored by climbers.

Documents and fragments are presented in a simple framework. Panels addresses the monitoring of volcanoes to eruptive mechanisms through applications of volcanology. Finally a video recounts the 1902 eruption.

Another way to become familiar with the Mount Pelée... in pictures. Occasional thematic exhibitions are offered to visitors.