History and Ethnography Museum / Musée d'histoire et d'ethnographie

Faced with the lack of data on the history of Martinique, the Conseil Régional of Martinique initiated the idea to begin to gather data on the history of the island in one place. On June 11th, 1985 the Museum of History and Ethnography was born.

This is the Bureau du Patrimoine (Heritage Office) that was assigned the task of collecting data to expose the museum, to educate the local population on its historic and ethnographic heritage through exhibitions and be a place of research and documentation for researchers. Once this work is finished, the Conseil Régional made ​​the acquisition in 1995 of a former military residence built in 1887 in a park of 2500 square meters on the edge of downtown.

In June 1999, the first tranche of the Museum of History and Ethnography, restored and furnished, opened its doors to the public.

Inside, it has a living room, a bathroom, a bedroom with animated wax figures in costume who recreate the interior of the bourgeois era. Photographs, paintings and prints and gallery of dolls represent creole manners. The room on the ground floor is the venue for exhibitions events.

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