Franck A. Perret museum

Located on the site of the old battery Esnotz, Franck A. Perret Museum overlooking the sea was opened in 1933 by the will of the American amateur of volcanoes, Frank Arnold Perret (see his statue by Henri Marie-Rose the entrance to the town) who had promised to give to the city after his death in 1943.

A new building replaced the former in 1969. A single room has all sorts of remnants of the disaster showing the brutality of the phenomenon and describes everyday life stopped this May 8, 1902 at 8am. The horror is printed in a collection of very ordinary objects bearing the marks of the disaster and whose surreal deformations struck the imagination of European artists.

Brassaï and Picasso were sensitive to these melt glass and these compressions objects that they had copies. André Malraux, in his way, stopped there too. You can also see rice petrified, a set of glasses melted or the bell of the Cathedral of the time completely flattened. In addition, the photos show the city before and after the eruption.

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