Archaeology and Prehistory Museum / Musée d'Archéologie et de la préhistoire

The Prehistory and Archeology Museum of Martinique is a space dedicated to the West Indian prehistory and Carib Indian civilizations which populated Martinique, there is more that 4000 years. The building, a military building stewardship was acquired by the Conseil General of Martinique in 1968 which wanted to create a museum to promote the heritage of Martinique.

It was in 1971 that was formally established the prehistory and archeology museum art and popular traditions museum. In 1983, he became the Departmental Museum of Archaeology and Prehistory.

Like the Schoelcher Library, it is located in front of the Savane at Fort-de-France. It is now labeled "Museum of France".

For the 40th anniversary of the Museum, labeled "Museum of France", three original collections are available:

  • A collection of nearly 2000 pieces of pre-Columbian archeology,
  • A collection of jewelry Hispanic Colombia,
  • A rich ethnographic collection.
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