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You're coming to Martinique and you want to know how to move easily to enjoy your vacations ? AZ Martinique helps you to spend a pleasant stay with us.

Be aware that mobility on a territory and moving around during your vacation plays a major role in the appreciation and judgment you will make of the place you visit. Indeed, if you have been forced to give up visits because of a transportation problem, you will be very quickly frustrated and you will be able to judge the place negatively whereas a better organization beforehand or knowing the local reality would have saved you a lot of trouble. This is our goal in this article. We are going to advise you, to tell you the reality of the facts so that Martinique remains for you a place that you will recommend to your relatives and that you will wish to visit again later.

You are on a cruise stopover in Martinique

Cruise ship at the Baie des Tourelles in Fort-de-FranceYour stay in Martinique is only for one day or even a few hours and you want to keep an unforgettable memory of our island. You can spend a memorable day with us even in just one day.

The Comité Martiniquais du Tourisme (Martinique Tourism Committee) has set up a reception program to welcome and guide cruise tourists.

1. Take a cab

Illustration of a woman taking a cabSo, after arriving at the dock where you will be welcomed by dance performances, many cabs will propose you to visit historical places, or natural places (beaches, rivers, mountains) of the island. The cab drivers are aware of the departure time of the cruise ships, so they will only suggest activities or outings that will allow you to be back in time for the departure of your cruise. You can rest assured on this point. Your cab driver will be fully dedicated to you for the whole day. They will propose you a program according to your choices with strict schedules to return in time.

Choosing a cab driver can be expensive, but it is a sure-fire way to spend an unforgettable day in the company of a professional who knows the island and what can be done in the time available.

2. Rent a car for the day

Car rental illustrationCar rental companies have booths on the dock and will tell you what time to bring the vehicle back. A road map will be at your disposal in the vehicle.

If you choose this option, download a Google Map of Martinique on your phone beforehand. It will work even if you don't have a network on the island and will help you get around.

3. Use public transportation

There are local transports, the cheapest solution if you want to leave Fort-de-France but you will have no guarantee on being back in time. You would do well to estimate your return near the pier one to two hours in advance.
Beach of Anse MitanIf you make this choice, we recommend you to take the sea boats to go to Trois-Îlets. You will be able to swim in the flat waters of the Caribbean Sea (Anse Mitan, Pointe du Bout, Anse à l'Âne) while having in line of sight your cruise ship and Fort-de-France which is just in front of Trois-Îlets. On site you can eat and many souvenir stores are nearby.

4. Walk

Carambola on sale at the Fort-de-France marketWalking will allow you to visit Fort-de-France, its markets, its historical places, its shops in the center and to swim at the beach of La Française in the bay of Fort-de-France. Fort-de-France has many restaurants that offer a wide range of menus for all tastes.

5. Hitchhiking

Illustration of hitchhikersBe careful, hitchhiking is not recommended when you are visiting for a day. It is to take the risk to miss your return. You can find a generous soul to help you to go a little way but it remains risky... even more if you don't speak French. Even if violent acts against visitors and tourists are really rare or even almost nonexistent, you never know who you might run into. Don't take the risk!

You come to Martinique for a stay of several days

You have made the (very good) choice to come and spend a few days in Martinique and of course you wish to visit the island as much as possible or you wish to bask in the sun on the various beaches of the island.

1. Rent a private vehicle

Illustration of a car rental contract with a car and a woman holding keysOur number one tip is to rent a car and preferably several weeks in advance to get the best rates. By renting a car you will be able to do what you want, when you want and without stress.

It is possible to pick up your car upon arrival at Aimé Césaire airport. The rental companies all have a stand on site and employees with the sign visible on a sign and/or their polo shirt will take you to the car parked in the airport parking lot or will take you in a shuttle to pick up the car nearby. You can also bring the car back to the airport and they will take you back to the airport for your departure.

Don't worry either if you arrive by sea, there are also stands near all the marinas or big ports of the island (Marin, Trois-Îlets, Saint-Pierre) or the big cities (downtown Fort-de-France, Trinité, Schoelcher, Lamentin). The major hotels on the island also have car rental stands if you wish to rent a car for your entire stay or just occasionally. This may be more expensive than booking in advance on a private car rental website.

2. Use a personal cab

You can have a cab at your disposal but the bill could be very expensive. It is a choice that can be made if you wish to have a professional who knows the island by heart and will be at your disposal at any time during your stay. It is also the best option if you are in Martinique for a business trip. The driver will be able to estimate the distances and the time needed for you to be on time for your appointments. Cab drivers are present at the airport and you can ask them to accompany you throughout your stay.

3. Use public transportation

Transport Collectif en Site Propre (T.C.S.P.) Martinique Using public transport is a choice that you would not recommend if you come for several days. In spite of the considerable efforts of the public authorities and the implementation of the "Transport Collectif en Site Propre" (T.C.S.P.) (see photo), getting from A to B in Martinique remains very complicated. So if you want to go to the city center of Fort-France, it will be easy to use public transport, but if you want to go to the Montagne Pelée or to some beaches or rivers of the island, it will be simply impossible to use public transport.

If this is the only possible solution for you, you can have precious information by clicking on the following link: transportation in Martinique.

4. Walk

Walking will not take you far in Martinique and the heat will quickly get you down.

5. Hitchhiking

Hitchhiking is also to be forgotten. Whatever the territory in the world, hitchhiking is entrusting your person and your relatives to a stranger. So if you can make a nice meeting, you can also make a bad one. Rather than putting yourself in danger, it is better to make sure of any disappointment by booking a rental car in advance.

As you will have understood when coming to Martinique, everything depends on the length of your stay in order to make a choice for your mobility on the island, but you should know that a well-prepared vacation in advance will allow you to have more certainty and make savings. Improvisation has no place if you want to spend pleasant moments with your loved ones, unless you are an adventurer.

Enjoy your stay with us!