Trois-Rivières is a distillery in the town of Sainte-Luce located in the district of the same name about 5km from the town. The factory is about 600 hectares, including 120 where are cultivated sugarcane alternately with cattle. However, the distillery is no longer active since 2003, is the distillery "La Mauny" Rivière-Pilote, who manages the brand. A windmill was built on the site of Trois-Rivières.

White agricultural rum Trois-Rivières is available in 50°, 55° and 62°. These rums are Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC).

L'Habitation Trois-Rivières also known as Habitation Grand Céron was owned by Nicolas Fouquet (1615-1680), Superintendent of Finance of the Kingdom and protected of Mazarin. Before his disgrace and imprisonment by order of Louis XIV, Nicolas Fouquet had built a sugar factory with attached distillery which remains until today.

It was during the 19th century that Céron exploitation was transferred to the current domain.

The visitor has the choice between a basic free visit or a guided tour with tasting but not free. He can also makes purchases in the store like derivative items (glasses boxes, boxes of Trois-Rivières rum, etc ...) of the brand Trois-Rivières.

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