Buy a souvenir

Although nostalgic to leave Martinique, you are on your way back and it is inconceivable to leave without bringing back souvenirs to your loved ones. How to be sure to be satisfied and to make good deals? Of course everything will depend on what you want to bring back.

Bring back food products

If you want to bring back food "Made in Martinique", go to the streets of downtown Fort-de-France, you will find sweets (pistachio caramel, pistachio cashew nuts, coconut bars, local candies). A store, Madou Siwo, offers a whole range of local and artisanal sweets at interesting prices.

Concerning fruits, vegetables and other flowers, it is generally recommended not to travel with plant species to the European Union, including metropolitan France.

  • Banana, lemon and yams on sale at the Fort-de-France marketSome fruits and vegetables are allowed in unlimited quantities (bananas, pineapples, coconuts), you can get them in the various markets of the island and along the roads of the island.
  • Others are authorized but you must obtain a phytosanitary certificate (yams, Chinese cabbage, avocado, peppers, passion fruit, melon, cut flowers).
  • Some of them, such as mangoes, tomatoes or citrus fruits, are forbidden.

Internationally, especially in North America, all fruits, vegetables and plant species are prohibited. In case of presence of plants in your suitcase, you could simply be refused access to the territory if you are not a citizen of the country!

Sweet chilli puréeIf fruit is not recommended, know that you can bring back products derived from local fruits and vegetables whatever your destination. Ditto for spices, you can also bring them back in dried form in your suitcases without any problem. So do not hesitate to leave with a jar of piments confits (candied peppers), sauce creole (Creole sauce), sauce chien if you want to keep this spicy taste once you return home. If you like chilli and its scent without tearing your throat out, there are sweet chilli sauces that are mild chillies.

Liquors of bois bandéWhat about your bottle of bois bandé liqueur? It will easily fit in your checked luggage, being well packed so as not to break during transport.

Punchs en vente au marché de Fort-de-FranceTalking about beverage, the traditional bottle of rum and or punch is of course essential. The prices are lower if you go to the supercenters and the various distilleries on the island or if you wait until the last minute you can buy some at the Airport in the Duty Free zone. There are no limits for regional and European destinations, but the quantity of alcohol is limited to 5 liters (1.3 gallons) in checked baggage for alcohols between 24 and 70 degrees, and unlimited for alcohols below that for the United States*. You can also get excellent "homemade" punches that are made by individuals and not manufacturers, often with original flavors. Punch bottles are often found on the stalls of merchants in the various markets of the island.

Martinique jellies and jamsThe local supercenters and supermarkets also sell products made from local products. Thus you will find jams or jellies (guava, pineapple, tamarind, coconut, banana, acerola, lychees, ginger, mango, papaya, etc...)


Bring back non-food products

Dolls on sale at the Fort-de-France marketIf you wish to buy various non-food products with the Martinique label, you can find them in downtown Fort-de-France, especially on the street in front of the cab stop and facing the Bay of Fort-de-France (rue Ernest Deproge), several souvenir shops are located there and offer a whole range of T-shirts, key rings, magnets, tablecloths in Madras fabrics, placemats, dolls in traditional dress, home decorations and other artisanal souvenirs but also in the various towns close to the beaches such as in the town of Le Diamant, Pointe du Bout in Trois-Ilets or the town of Sainte-Anne.

You can also go to the Tilo store on the RN1 road between Robert and Trinité.

In the worst case, you will find all these items at the airport but the choice remains limited so do not hesitate to prepare your souvenirs in advance.

Have a great trip back to your home country and we hope to see you again!

* Official website Transportation Security Administration