Cap Macré beach is located in the town of Marin although some people often think that it is located in the town of Sainte Anne. This is the connection point between the coast of the town of Marin and Sainte Anne.

It is located at east of Martinique and therefore the Atlantic side of the island. The sand is white. This beach is lined with many coconut trees that provide appreciable shade. Swimming is pleasant, the water is turquoise in places. In the distance you can see the endless rolls that do not interfere with the bathe.

This is the starting point for many hikes in the town of Sainte-Anne or one of Vauclin. Hikers and lovers of Mother Nature can enjoy nature wild corner and offered beautiful scenery around.

It is uncrowded on weekdays and is a haven of peace for those in search of tranquillity.

Access is very difficult and picnicking is recommended, as there are no restaurants or supermarkets nearby. Wooden tables and benches are available for this purpose.

To get there, head for the commune of Le Marin, and if you're coming from the south, follow signs for Vauclin. If you're coming from Le Vauclin, follow signs for Sainte-Anne.

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