Anse Fond Banane is a wonderful beach located between the town of Sainte-Luce and the Trois-Rivières district.

Its fine blond sand and clear, gentle water make it a lovely little spot to enjoy the beach in peace. The trees that line the beach provide welcome shade. Bring your hammock if you've got one!

It's seldom visited on weekdays and even at weekends. It's one of the quietest beaches in the commune. It offers an appreciable view of the Rocher du Diamant and Morne Larcher (the reclining woman).

To get there from Fort-de-France, head towards Sainte-Luce and, before entering the town, towards "Trois-Rivières - Corps de Garde". Turn left towards Corps de Garde. Anse Fond Banane is just before Corps de Garde. Signs point the way to the beach.

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