Anse Caritan is an adorable beach in the town of Sainte-Anne which is unquestionably worth the detour, especially for hikers. Indeed, the Trace des caps road will allow you to visit several beaches in the town, including the latter. Anse Caritan is truly a "postcard" beach.

Its blue water, white sand and coconut palms will leave you breathless. It's a quiet beach, frequented mainly at weekends by Martinique families.

Anse Caritan offers a wide range of activities. In addition to the possibility of hiking the Trace des caps, you can go scuba diving, canoeing, sea scootering or visit the water park. There are no restaurants nearby, so be sure to bring your own if you want to spend the day there.

Beware, however, of the manchineel trees that border it. This tree has a sap that can cause severe burns, and its fruit is toxic to health. The sap of mancenillia trees was used by the Carib Indians to poison their arrows.

Red signs are displayed in front of and on the trees concerned.

Once you've passed through the village of Sainte-Anne, turn left and follow the signs. You can also get there on the Trace des caps hike.

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