Le Morne Rouge is a municipality in northern Martinique located north of Fonds-Saint-Denis, east of Saint-Pierre south of Ajoupa-Bouillon and west of Lorrain. It is the "highest" municipality on the island, culminating at 500 meters above sea level. It also benefits from a breathtaking view of its neighbor Saint Pierre.

This town takes its name from the word "Morne" which means small mountain and red the color of volcanic stone. It is later that the colonists named it like that because of its bald top.

The current Morne Rouge is located in one of the territories most rapidly occupied during the colonial period of Martinique. The hills of the region were notably the land of welcome for the Dutch and the Jews who came from Brazil in 1654.

Its history combines with that of Saint-Pierre, of which it was part until 1889 and ... barely born and already destroyed. Only 2 years after its erection as an independent municipality, it was hard hit by a devastating cyclone in 1891 and 11 years later it was completely destroyed during the various eruptions of Mount Pelée in 1902 although it was spared during the most memorable of May 8, 1902.

It was during the eruption of May 30, 1902, the second eruption of the year of the volcano that Morne Rouge was completely destroyed. In addition to the numerous material damage, nearly a thousand inhabitants of the town died.

It was not until several years or even decades that the population of the island was no longer wary of its volcano and returned to repopulate the then neglected town. If towards the end of 1920, the population returned it was frightened following the forecasts of new eruptions in 1930. The volcano threatened again and the city was evacuated to avoid any new human toll. Fortunately the eruption will only be magmatic and will not cause any material or human damage.

The inhabitants will soon return to their commune of origin.

In memory of the victims of the 1902 volcano eruptions, a monument was erected at the exit of the town.


Today, Morne-Rouge devotes most of its economy to agricultural activity with the cultivation of bananas, pineapples and flowers.

It is also a town that attracts tourists looking for green tourism thanks to its nature, in particular the presence of Mount Pelée.


The main districts of the municipality are Abdelkader, Balisier, Chamonix, Champflore, des Grosses Roches, du Val Joli, Fond Rosé, Mespont, Propreté, Savane Petit and Zobéide.

List of places to visit in the municipality

Places to visit

Domaine d'Émeraude was inaugurated in the town of Morne Rouge on February 28, 2011. Previously the site was the location of the Maison de la Nature.


At 1397 meters (4,583 feet) above sea level, Mount Pelee (Montagne Pelée in French) is Martinique's highest point.


If you want to discover the history of Mount Pelee or simply view without climbing, go to the Maison des Volcans (Volcanoes house) in the town of Morne Rouge.